Charging pile manufacturers remind users how to use electric vehicles safely in high temperature weather

Charging pile manufacturers remind users how to use electric vehicles safely in high temperature weather High temperature weather not only makes people feel annoyed, but even electric cars without signs of life. In many cases, seemingly insignificant neglect may lead them to revolt, so we must pay attention to maintenance during use. As an important means of transportation for Chinese people, electric vehicles are not only convenient, but also save money, but do you know? High temperature weather is an important factor that makes you dangerous for electric vehicles. Do not charge the electric car immediately after driving When the electric vehicle is riding, the battery itself will heat up. In addition, the temperature of the battery can even reach above 70℃ due to the hot weather. At this time, if the battery is charged directly, the temperature of the battery will continue to rise, even exceeding the critical point, and eventually spontaneously ignite. The correct way is to park the electric car for about half an hour before charging. Check whether the fan used for cooling and heat dissipation in the charger is broken when charging For the convenience of charging, some electric car users like to take the charger with them, which causes heat dissipation damage when driving bumpy. If charging in high temperature weather, the temperature in the charger keeps rising and cannot be cooled, and the charger may burn. Don't use electric parasols for convenience Although it can play the role of sun protection and sun protection, it is easy for electric vehicles to roll over when encountering excessive resistance in windy weather, and it will also make the driving sight smaller, forming a blind spot of vision, which is prone to car accidents, resulting in car crash and death. Don't ride an electric car in rainy days Summer is also a rainy season, so it's best not to ride an electric car in case of heavy rain. The battery of the electric car is afraid of water ingress. Slight water inflow only needs to be ventilated and dried. If it is serious, it needs to go to the maintenance point. Pay attention to the time of charging in summer, not more than eight hours During the charging process, the battery itself will generate a small amount of heat. Charging at too high a temperature will increase the temperature of the bottle, damage the performance of the battery, and even explode seriously. It is forbidden to charge electric vehicles in the sun Hot weather will not only make people suffer from heatstroke, but also make electric cars suffer from heatstroke. In hot summer, if the electric car is charged in the sun, the probability of battery scrapping is very high, especially when the battery of the electric car catches fire at high temperature, so it is necessary to avoid charging at high temperature, and it is best to store the car reasonably in Yunyi Charging Intelligent Charging Station to charge, so as to prevent fire. Finally, Yunyichong reminds everyone that whether it is hot or normal, we need to have a good awareness of electric vehicle safety. Here, Yunyichong provides intelligent and safe charging equipment for the vast number of electric vehicle users. According to the function of leakage protection, the equipment can be charged by using WeChat scan code, and can be powered off remotely at home. This not only alleviates the charging demand of electric vehicles in the region, but also makes electric vehicles more standardized and safer.