Welcome a delegation from Huai 'an Economic Development Zone to visit our company

On September 20th, a delegation from Huai 'an Economic Development Zone, led by Li Ning, Minister of Economic Management Department of Huai 'an Comprehensive Bonded Zone, and Zhu Hua, Director of Human Resources Center of Huai 'an Airport Industrial Park, visited our company and was warmly received by Wang Jianhua, General Manager and Ying Ziming, Executive Vice President of our company. 

Accompanied by General Manager Wang Jianhua and Executive Vice President Ying Ziming, Huai 'an delegation visited our company's back-office control center, Huanglong exhibition hall, Hangzhou assembly factory and dust-free assembly workshop. Mr. Wang of our company gave a detailed and sufficient answer to the inquiry of the delegation on the production mode, factory management mode, operation and use mode, internal and external functions and background operation of the charging piles of our company. 

At the meeting, Mr. Wang introduced in detail the technical background of our company, the latest research and development achievements, the background operation of charging piles and the current opportunities and problems encountered by the charging pile industry. It also introduces more than 10 patent intellectual property rights independently developed by our company and product inspection reports of various countries or trade zones. The leaders of the delegation, such as Minister Li and Director Zhu, praised and affirmed our innovative charging pile function, production site management, strict process control system and process research and development. 

Subsequently, the two sides held business talks on cooperation. Ying Ziming, executive vice president, gave a detailed introduction to the company's development history; He also had a heated discussion with Minister Li and others on the ways and directions of cooperation. We reached consensus on the future of charging pile industry and win-win cooperation, and expressed expectation and optimism for the development of the branch in Huai 'an.